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No Buddy Lyrics

MoStack – No Buddy Lyrics

No, me no trust no buddy, no buddy
No buddy
My nigga squeeze, bang, bang
If I be gone for my man

Yo, they like my pictures on IG
But I know them paigons don't like me
Lord protect me from these fuck Niggas
Cause I just want my real ones beside me
Niggas get jealous like a wifey
So, me no trust no buddy, no buddy
Heard them niggas wanna roll on me
Roll on me
But me no have worry, no worries
Cause they no catch no buddy, no buddy

[Verse 1]
Yo, trusting droppers ain't healthy
I always ask who she with when she bells me
A yo, this chick's tryna chill and take selfies
But if them other hoes see
Lord help me
Blud, it's like one week they hate me
But then the next week they love me
But both weeks I get money
I give a fuck about all you
Blud, I got fam I don't talk to
No Hello's, we just walk through
Fake niggas make me paranoid
Frenemies moving fucked up
You know I ride if I love ya'
I'll shoot a friend for a brother
I'll shoot my dad for my mama
It sounds mad, but it's so true
Real Recognize Real and I don't know you
He thinks he's bad cause he's gold tooth
Them man are shook of my mad crew
My niggas still, like statues
Said she wants to marry Jewan
And die in designer
Babe I don't trust but I like ya'
He don't bang guns
He's a liar, I've always been a rider
Cause I'm a real deal signer
A yo, I really need a lady
I want a night with Paigey Cakey
I like your style girl, you're wavey
Ay bro, I really wanna holla that
But lightskin girls don't follow back
I need views like Hollowman
I'm kick scaring my bud, bud
Look around bro, it's just us
We been a nigga since the younger
Fam I don't trust, but I have one
Go suck your dad, like your mum done
I know these bitches love Sosa
But how the fuck are they forgetting Mo?
You know I'm sticking to the realest code
I could'a caught a body bout' a week ago
Fuck with us and then we tweaking ho
One shot for my enemies
Two for my frenemies
Pour all your Hennessy
No I can never make you wifey
She said she likes me I like she


[Verse 2]
Like no, I trust no buddy
I saw no buddy
Cause when I needed some buddy
They had me feeling like a no buddy
So fuck every buddy, anybody buddy
Every buddy, every buddy
All my real niggas stay down
I know them fake niggas play down
Before you H up, Bitches hate down
If you don't like me
Then say now
Them niggas hating while we still here
You started from the bottom
And you're still there
No weave, cuh we keep it real here
All my niggas wanna roll like a wheelchair
Now Scammy, buss a two step
Ville side, fuck what you do rep
We want it now, we don't do next
It's family, we don't do friends
Niggas say they're gonna ride for me
Bun talk, go ride for me
I'd rather do, I don't like to speak
I guess that's the ville side of me, ville side of me
All these niggas ride for me
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