I've got a job
It doesn't pay
I've got a time
It's not today
Some folks say that I'm dreaming my life away.

Call 'em my family
But we're not related
Thicker than blood
Are the bonds we created

Sister's gonna shine the light
Help me find my way
Brother's always got my back
So don't you come my way
Don't come my way
I've got no time for the blues
That keep you trapped in yesterday
I'd rather walk away

Born to rise
Born to be free
Love all my people
Keep on believing

No, you can't stop us now
We're gonna make our way
And you know you can't slow me down
I'm Mr. Rockaway

If you get down
Down on the ground
We're gona pick you up
Make you feel like new
You're gonna find it
Yeah you're gonna find it
You gonna find it
We'll make you feel alright.

I'm Mr. Rockaway
Don't come my way.
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Mr. Rockaway Lyrics

Monterey – Mr. Rockaway Lyrics