Jump back, alright,
Hiding in the back seat, hold tight,
Don't waste your life,
Wondering if it's all, alright,

Lean back, lean back,
Wrap your legs around my neck,
Hear the thunder pounding inside my chest,
As you slide out of your dress.

Yeah, there is a light and flame
You can come back for more
Don't be afraid to fall.

Your hands, they shake,
I'll rock you like an LA earthquake,
From the land of snakes,
I rambled to your own Great Lakes,

If it feels right, it's right,
If you're with me tonight,
Sing to the moon and the heavens above,
Let your soul take flight.

Let the love inside your soul, enter into deeper forms
When it runs right through your veins, you won't feel at all the same
Even though it's hard to try, the living self is more alive
New outlook is on the way, you can let it rise today

Let go, come home
One day, you'll know
That I always looked upon you as a valor in my eyes
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More Alive Lyrics

Monterey – More Alive Lyrics