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Too Much Money Lyrics

Monster – Too Much Money Lyrics

I know that you know deep inside that your life
Would be just like your father dreamed
He gave you lots of money and a fast car
The clothes you wear, the shit you're in
He sent you to the best school
He's proud of saying that
He did what he should do

And you've learned how to use the words
How to make people do
What you want them to do

But too much money, sometime's a problem
When someone thinks that he could do
Just anything he wants to do
Yes, too much money, sometime's a problem
If money's talking louder than respect
It talks louder than you

People surround you
Trying to prove they're your friends
They say they're happy cause you're there
While you pretend you're listening to what they say
Your knife is right behind their back

Money works just like a fuel
That you inject in people
And they do what you say

Respect is something made for fools
So I need no respect
I'd rather have my part in cash
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