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Black Sheep Lyrics

Monster – Black Sheep Lyrics

Make the sun shine
In my life

I'm now the leader of the old and the new school
I don't pay attention to these niggas cuz they fu-fu
Here I come, hope they all ready for the mix
Its lynchy, mobbing number one on the list
Police always wanna pull me over for the frisk
Black power. Put up my middle finger and my fist
And pray that it don't turn into no
Rodney King shit
Cuz a nigga like me too gangsta to take a hit
That's why I always keep a vest and extra clips
I'll be damned if these niggas take me out like this
I'm mobbing, I'm mobbin', I'm mobbin'. Forever
You reckon you can get at me? Well I say never
Meticulously scheming they plotting for whatever
Grind hard for the summers save up for bad weather
I'm all about my money everything coming together
Niggas mad at theyselves cuz they should be doing better
And life is a bitch but that bitch is mines
You can't turn off the light when I'm on my shine
I'm rougher. I'm tougher. The money getting nuffer
There's nothing you can do to me to ever make me suffer
I walked through the fire, I sent through the rain
I strolled through the gunfight; they running with the pain
In the [???] these lions can't tame
They come with good intention but leave with your brain

[Verse 2: The Monster]

Bah Black Sheep
Wolf Messing mess in Baghdad peep
The forte of this majestie
Satanic? Of course. Rolling Stone, that's me
Mad at me cuz these tragedies
Got us bricked in; in the cold aggy
(ill) Rocky stage in that order watch

These haters
On a c***
Eyes pop pop pop
Sassy, miss too marshed
Control the loose cannon; missles targ-
Get-ed-ed. "It's hard to forget"
Yonkers straight Bonkers. Bruno Mars shit
Yea, stabbed in the neck
No shots off real quiet that's a threat
Grim, then; after death
We'll laugh it off shall we?

Project Fallen Leaves, all in the trees fall
Project Fallen Leaves, all in
The breeze dance!

Bah bad sheep, bah bad sheep

The Black Sheep, nigga

[outro: The Monster, Lynch Mobbin]
(I'm losing my mind) guess I used it too much at the age of 9
(losing my
Mind) music be the shit to leave you blinded
(I'm losing my mind) crucifixes
(losing my mind)
All unveiled, veiled bitch. Lose your
(losing my mind) dam right, I'm losing mines
22's twos shoot the deuce! Shoot aces
Raise it to the second power
Mapped in lessons Howard
One-three Rocket launched boom
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