So let's concentrate,
On all the things that we hate.
Everything is going on and on,
A new town the same damn thing, yeah!

Fight your fights!
Here tonight!
Kill the lights!

I'm still killing myself,
I never sleep at night.
To make all of you smile,
But it's not worth the while,
And I am smothering under pressure,
That I never knew.
I gave you all of my heart.
You got this life for free.
What else do you want?
Take it all!
Leave me in the streets!

Let's get sweaty!
Let's get sweaty!

You think you're too fucking cool.
You think this parties made of pleasure.
It's made of pain!

Show! Show me your moves!
Now! Show me your face!

Give him room,
To try and catch his breath.
All alone,
Feeling like he's second best.

Shut your mouth and die!

Let's get sweaty!
Let's Get sweaty!

Shut your mouth and die,
Take it slower.
We're getting older, (We're getting older!)
Shut your mouth and die, (Shut your mouth and die!)
Take it slower.
We're getting older, (We're getting older!)
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Let's Get Sweaty Lyrics

Modern Day Escape – Let's Get Sweaty Lyrics