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Tye Dye The Night Lyrics

MOD SUN – Tye Dye The Night Lyrics

Wherever you were mentally when that inspiration struck
Please stay there and write to us daily
Yours truly, anybody who gives a fuck about you
The cause and outcome of anything good that everything has to offer
So, yeah

The lightbulb above my head deserves some credit
It seems to never turn off, I won't dim it
Believe and I want to believe in life's good – I get it Could change your idea, this whole thing in 5 minutes
(?) chapel making moves and really get it
Yeah, hippy-hop's so far away from any gimmick
I like my style, I dig my curls, I won't trim it
At the end of the line, I'm screaming, "Please more time!"
I'm so fucking happy I'm alive
You can never say you never tried, and, if you did, it'd be a lie
Must tye-dye the night and save the sky

Give away everything that you bought
So, the last good advice I've got
Share your perspective, don't let it be a mystery
And generate actions from a place of purity
4 a.m, watching cartoons from the 70's
Money's cool, but I'd rather make some memories
I'm unraveling, I've been traveling like a maniac
Yeah, I've been on the road, man, (?) Jack Kerouac

Mikey Bryant said it's almost our time
We're piecing together what was once known as the great divide
Public speaking from my individualistic misfits
Thoughts to things, Newton's 3rd Law of Physics

Health, wealth, success, and happiness
This scene between my two eyelids – beautiful
On some real art-shit, I've got an easel in my studio
Painting with colors I bet you ain't ever used before
I see this sounds just like a "tangerine-lavender"

Plenty of D-A-Z-E- on my calendar
So focused I should sit on the lens of the camera
Having for years working to better myself, as a human
'Til the world keeps turning with my help
In turn, we're nothing without you as well
I truly believe in y'all
I truly hope you can tell
I swear I stare every night up at the ceiling where I'm laying
Going over every word
Making sure you're inspired by what I'm saying
Barely blinking
Thinking, "I've got to find a way to extinct the bullshit"
So, who wants a firm handshake, if you still need to get a grip?

No matter the amount of negativity you're presented with
5 minutes from now could be your best moment

Now, see I'm gonna say that line again 'cause that's the nicest thing I ever wrote

No matter the amount of negativity you're presented with
5 minutes from now could be your best moment

Sit back and think about that
Mod… Sun… Hippy… Hop…

Health, wealth, success, and happiness – no stress
That's what you possess

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