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The Same Way Lyrics

MOD SUN – The Same Way Lyrics

[Verse 1: MOD SUN]
I guess it started at birth
The want to break away from the pack and take first
The need, to show you what I'm worth
And I promise to do that before I leave this earth

Go to the vibe, something you can relate to
Something to shake to, or just get baked to
Always give more, more than less
Be the best group than the rest
On a quest to protest this mess

Like, Okay, it's time to do my part
Time to put that Picasso touch all over my art
Time to break free of any boundaries
That may have previously, affected we

See, nothing but green lights
Don't lift weights
But I exercise the shit out of my first right
Used to take a wrong turn on this road that I pace
So, I just let my teeth show, and walk the same way

[Hook: MOD SUN]
I only write what I feel
Like, I say what you want to hear but at least I'm real
Hungry, but won't eat, if I didn't make the meal
And that's a trait I won't trade for a record deal

Go ahead and write your raps about your money, clothes, and shoes
You pay for that talking, I just pay my dues
"You sound just like them." Well, I refuse to
Lesson one is understand before you move to number two

Yeah, just call me Mr. Get-the-picture
Always on point with that connect-the-dot scripture
I saw that you called, I'm so sorry that I missed ya
But if I want you bad enough, I guarantee that I can get ya

And I apologize, for ego trippin', man
Got so many bright ideas, my forehead got a suntan
I double knot the laces, occupy new spaces
In front of all the faces, I walk the same way

[Hook: MOD SUN]
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