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Kimi Ni Negai Wo (English Version) Lyrics

Miyavi – Kimi Ni Negai Wo (English Version) Lyrics

The faded dreams of those days, and our plans for the future covered in dust,
'Cause you always watched me there
The days we'd whine about them not coming true, and the roads on which we'd only make detours
Getting over it now I'm here like this.

What could I have done for you? What could I not have done?
This I've always come to ask myself, though
No matter how many times I tap on the door of my heart, nor what I try to pry from inside my chest
What comes out is only happy memories..

Only, I always loved you.
Only that, just only that, though that's all I had.
And even now I love you as much as ever.

One time we wished to the beautiful starry night sky together, didn't we
I've forgotten what it was we wished that time, but
I only remember that I wanted that moment to last forever.
Now that I think of it, I should've wished for that, too, huh.

Though, there is no God.
I swore to that when you became a star.
I don't need a God at all. If you, if you could only be here, instead.

This town without you in it is as dull and quiet as ever,
Living here as if there was nothing at all.
Passing the years and months by in a quick pace, and in the softly changing seasons,
Whenever I look up at the night sky again I think about those days.

And I softly make a wish. A wish upon you, who has become a star.
"It's ok now, I can stand on my own". 'Cause I'm not alone, right.

So I'll live your half as well.
Just as you're living inside of me always.
So again, just like those times, always watch me at my side.

When I wish up you, a wish upon you.
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