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Ashita, Tenki Ni Naare (English) Lyrics

Miyavi – Ashita, Tenki Ni Naare (English) Lyrics

Dreams are as dreams are. Therefore, they're dreams - but don't say such lonesome things!
Seeing a dream is free, and granting them is also free, right? Let's daydream in bed together.

"May tomorrow be a better day"

I wonder if there are people who have never gotten wet in the rain in their whole lives?
Someday somehow, if you get wet, let's get soaked and shampoo.

"May tomorrow be a better day"

If there are sad times, please give me half of the pain.
If you're happy, just that smile will do, so it's like let's be in love as if we are each other's asperin.*

"May you be happy"

I, too, really wish I could be with you, sleeping like this
But there is a place I gotta go, so I will go a step ahead of you.

God speed.

May you not lose your way. May you not shrink in fear. May you not avert your eyes.
May there be no doubts. May there be no saddness. May you not stop and stand there.
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