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Reborn (An Execution) Lyrics

Misery Signals – Reborn (An Execution) Lyrics

from album: Absent Light (2013)
Pours out from my veins
It takes a new shape and comes to life
Am I passing down the only gift I had to give?
All of us gather together at the rope, but we dream alone
Eyes agaze that cannot know what was written in my heart
You are the only one
Now what matters most is letting go
An execution for dreams
Avert your eyes from those sent to the gallows
An execution for dreams
So I may be reborn, frozen earth at my grave
When it thaws I'll be gone
They won't find my bones
Pours out from my veins, like a river of virtue to drown the world
You are the only one
You are the only one that sees

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