Hope your not looking down on me today
I've tried to do my best carrying this weight
I remember about vengeance upon thee
I have never forgotten for one second
But this was hard
You must know I regret that morning more than anything
And I'd give it back
That is not to say I don't love this
But there is not one day I can forget
There is not one day
Sometimes I feel I'm waiting biding time
Waiting for something that may never come
Still everything is different
All was changed, everything
All that we live for
All that we dreamed of taken away
Sometimes I swear that I'm waiting for
Something to jump out at me
Where can you hide when they come calling
Where can you go when they come for you
Time like this when the walls close in and I can't breathe
I call your name
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On Account Of An Absence Lyrics

Misery Signals – On Account Of An Absence Lyrics