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Black Amendment - Kannibal Klowns Lyrics

Misc Unsigned Bands – Black Amendment - Kannibal Klowns Lyrics

"Kannibal Klowns"
Black Amendment
Written by: Brendan Hodge, Matt Frias, Michael Bavin
Intro(when Circus tune is played):
He, he he he! (nose honking noises)(tricycle wheel noises)(horn on bike honking)

Verse 1:
If you're at a Carnival,
Or a Circus for the day,
You'll find out, to your dismay,
Something sick about Klowns!
During the day, they are happy as can be,
Honking horns, and playing games, they're
Clearly not a threat, but you'll see,
'Cause when you are snug in bed, I bet you'd never guess,
That they would decapitate your head!

Pre: Don't let them out, or they will escape,
Don't turn around, or they could eat your face!

Chorus: Now they roam the street,
Lookin' for something to eat,
Oh, they're Kannibal Klowns!
They'll take over your mind,
With those nasty little rhymes
They are.. Kannibal Klowns!
If there's someone there to meet,
Then there's someone they can eat,
Oh, they're Kannibal Klowns!

Verse 2:
Clowns come in many varieties,
They build on a rather small society,
But behind all that makeup,
Is enough to make someone throw up!
And if you throw a pie at their face,
You are in for quite a treat!
While your getting ready to eat,
They'll bash your skull in with a mace!




Krazy Riff 1:
Look out! He, he, he, he!
(Sirens, and munching noises, mixed with screams)

Verse 3:
Now, if you made it through the night,
With all your limbs wrapped on tight,
I'd suggest getting out of there,
Because I really care(he, he, he!)
Now here come all of those Klowns,
Wearing big fat white and red gowns
There's Jumba, Johnny, Jimmy, too,
And most of all, the Amazing Voodoo
So, if you care for a balloon or two,
Feel free to rid your head, of things
You never would've knew!

Krazy Riff 2:
You want a Balloon? He, he, he!
Come and get it!!


~^Black Amendment^~
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