How did I get here?
I don't remember sleeping at all
When will this all be gone in the end
How did I make it here?
Yesterday I was no one
No money I stole for food to eat, just to eat

If I'm still asleep
I know I'll reach the end

I've scaled the seven walls
I've salted the open wounds
I've lead the masochists
To their doom
I've opened up the door
The key was in the sky
Which leads me to wonder
Who am I?

How can I try?
When everything was taken from me
Nothing left here, raped and robbed from me
How am I alive?
When they showed up at my door
I didn't even blink as I fell to the floor

If I'm still asleep
I know my time has come

When I was laying in that corner
Blood falling from my face
God wasn't there
God doesn't care
If I'm alone in here
What should I do?
Everyone's abandoned me
Everyone but you

If I'm still here
I made it thru the night
But I'm still scared
Seperate me from the light
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420 Proof - Who Am I? Lyrics

Misc Unsigned Bands – 420 Proof - Who Am I? Lyrics