I thought you were the best
I thought we could last forever
But I'm wrong this time 'cause you suddenly broke my heart
So burn all the letters
Burn all the pictures
So that you can forget
So that you can't remember me

Forget me as if I'm dead
Bury me away from your thoughts
And how are you when I'm gone
And I hope you will realize how hard without you

There's nothing that I can do to get you back to me
How about when you reach twenty
Are the worth of your promises lost
Impression turns to depression
I'm sorry if I hurt you
I still care for you
But it's hard to fix this bleeding wound
You tore my fragile emotion
We're just one month and three weeks

Stop thinking of me girl
Stop worrying of me girl
I can handle this
I can hardly breathe
'Cause I know you don't care anymore
And I can't take the reality

Without you
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Hundred Reasons And Broken Promises Lyrics

Minute By Chance – Hundred Reasons And Broken Promises Lyrics