So many times I wished to talk to you
And it bothered me so much
You're so impossible to reach
So many wasted times intended only for you
Supposed to be for you
And it seems so unreal to get your attention
To get your attention

Tongue-tied every time I try to trap your presence here
Tongue-tied every time I stare at your beautiful escape
And I hope that you could feel the same way like I do
So that we can be in one harmony just like the movies

So many times I wanted to be with you
Sooner or later, sooner or later
And I whisper out my voice so you could hear my dying words
I can't utter that single sweet hello
And it's hard to see you go
Can I look at you for the last time?

There is no chance to touch your hands
So quietly I'll take a pause
I can't explain these feelings inside for you
This day again
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Beautiful Escape Lyrics

Minute By Chance – Beautiful Escape Lyrics