Shawty Fell in love with a hustler,
Man I took her from a buster,
Niggas keep talking like they know something,
I slide on your bitch like she's on something,
Don't Panic,
Don't Panic,
I'm just getting started,
Nigga don't panic,
Real niggas getting cake, Watch the fake niggas hate,
But don't panic,
Don't panic,
I'm just getting started,
Nigga don't panic,
Don't panic,
Don't panic,
I'm just getting started nigga don't panic,

[Verse 1]

Shawty Fell in love with a hustler,
Man I took her from a buster,
All my niggas getting cake,
Fuck em niggas who got hate,
Got a bitch in the kitchen with an apron on,
Off codeine niggas tryna get rich like Pablo Escobar,
Rollin 97 when I shoot,
All these suckers need a boot,
50 plates all these broads wanna smoke one,
I can sing I rap can I guess I'm versatile,
Real niggas gettin' cake, Fake niggas hate,
Got a motherfucker acting crazy on my duct tape,


[Verse 2]

Sitting back chilling with the A1 homies,
Yellowbones jerking on my whistle,
Blow me,
Haters all jerking on my fresh,
You owe me,
Lame niggas bragging about the swag,
That's on me,
Im a playa from the Eastside,
We in the game you know we playing for the keeps right,
Shawty if I got love then I got you,
Hit me up,
Blow me up like hot-sue,
Sucker I'm going to the, top make ya bow down,
All these motherfuckers lame but I ain't got none,
I just roll another joint,
I've never blown one,
Hela blowing that kush,
I just sit and watch



I be whipping bricks erryday nigga,
Tryna get that cake,
With my Gees,
TMC SG we the best,
Salute Gang I see you,
We got,
Suppreme Hela,
That's my big bro right there I see you,
Kideo Da Les I see you,
Mr Era I see you,
Gunman I see you,
DopeKid Afro-Boy I see you,
Akid I see you,
Nativate I see you,
Victor I see you homeboy,
I got you,
Shout out to lottery records,
I'm just getting started nigga,
Hold your shit,
We in this game for keeps,
We playing for keeps right?,
Tryna show these niggas how we do it,
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Just Getting Started Lyrics

Mike L TuneY – Just Getting Started Lyrics