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In My Zone Lyrics

Mike L TuneY – In My Zone Lyrics

[Verse 1]

Brand new me,
Hot m'cee,
I'm running around the city full of haters and I'm screaming God bless me,
Raised in hell,
Pray for me,
Cos' I'm a beast and I'm coming for ya'll niggas don't mess with me ah,
Blood on my hands as I kill this beat my nigga, Could you work that?,
I'm the only young rapper in this game with style,
Ya'll motherfuckers know that,
Money money money,
I gotta work hard,
And your girl be ridding my dick,
Smoking that weed that's high sex drive ah,
Man I kill with a flow,
See these fake rappers as they come and they go,
Claim you the best while you already know,
Who the king,
Who the man,
Who just killing erry show,
Ya yo,
Do it like me,
Claim you doing that sick shit though,
Fuck it,
I'm good,
Ridding around the city with your bitches hoe,


I caught myself in the zone,
Drowning in my thoughts,
Or should I sell my soul?, Tell me what it cost,
My girl on my shoulder,
Yelling I'm a boss,
Just like these other niggas cos they in it for a loss,


Let's ride,
Money on my mind,
Ridding on with my team on,
We turnt up no lie,
I be Swerving up now let's ride,
Now this Kush fuck with my mind,
Fuck these haters imma get mine,
Now these women acting like mine,

[Verse 2]

I'm in my zone,
In a booth,
Feeling good with that purple mix,
Skyy vodka,
That apple juice,
That cranberry shit got me loose,
Double up my team,
I ain't try loose,
Killing all these rappers I ain't gotta choose,
Sick TuneY,
Hot as Fuck,
Don't come with shit cos I ain't got a room,
My head spinning,
I'm high as Fuck but got no weed,
Only sober I'm so clean,
And I'm smelling good like a fresh meal,
Beat so hard that 808,
Dope like that,
I ain't gotta say,
All these rappers feel me, I saved a day,
Cos they went down,
I'd ball out,
And I'd kill a cop for my niggas,
You better run,
You better hide cos we come out for you niggas,
I'd get your girl,
And I'd get your money for the sake of hurting your feelings,
I want this shit,
And I want it all,
And I know God is my witness,
Tryna do a pose now take a picture,
And Ain't nobody here tryna fuck with you,
Take a hike with your whack niggas,
No means no you ain't tryna mess with us,
I'm tryna live good in a better tomorrow,
So I could live my life with no fear and sorrow,
I'm a good guy,
Good morals,
Watch me now,


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