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Made You Look Lyrics

Mickey Factz – Made You Look Lyrics

They shoot me, should be my theme song
The beam long, the team strong, your dreams gone
But that's what you get for wastin' em
Hop in your nightmares with the mask on and Jason 'em
Machete time, I won't shoot you
Take the mask off, played to death: I am Future
But don't pass your presence
Unless you past the presence of pastors blessings
I send you back to Jamaica
Fuck that, I send you back to yo' maker
Fuck that bitch, and smear blood all over the wall
And I ain't talkin' about a map maker
She'll look like the Joker after I poke her
She'll look like Heath Ledger after I bed her
I turn that bitch to a sewer rat
April O'Neill will be a shell of herself after I shred her! (Turtles!)
I'm a street fighter
Tell your boyfriend "come and get on my level", I'll be right up
Twitter fingers and gangsta writers
Not a biter, you fly on the web and I'm a spider
Yeah, and you already know how that story ends
This story ends will tell you how the story ends
You fuckin' with the king of the punchline
I'm fuckin' with your food in a lunchline
I jizz all over your sandwich, and whiz all over the cameras
So you can see how I come pissed off
I ain't know a hard nigga could be this soft
I ain't known gettin' shot was a badge of honor
Thought the point was to make other rappers goners
Listen, y'all got it twisted, dreadheads
Spittin' hot shit out your mouth like redheads
While y'all talkin' to goons, poppin' all that tough shit to come get you
A different story when them hollow points hit you
Soon as you said it, you regret it
I keep my chest like gas stations unleaded, fuck you
Shit's Breaking Bad in the hood, man
It's all good man, just call Saul Goodman
For your knees, and shit like toiletries
Lawyer fees, be bigger than sequoia trees, hah
And you don't wanna be a jailbird
Especially when you a pussy like The L Word, word
You wasn't comin' out the house yet
You don't even know the plug from the outlet
A real nigga but he still got popped though
'Cause he a snitch like every nigga in a cop show
This the I test, I guess, I am Proof
I wish a nigga would man, I am Groot
I'm on the right page because I laid the book
I know about the streets because I played the crook
And you ain't been the same since I slayed you, shook
They shootin', sike, I made you look

Yo, I spilled my guts last album and y'all thought it was suicide
The snakes in the grass and the rats in the sewer died
But who they apprehending?
I'm on the tenth floor in a ten-story building, gettin' a happy ending
To those crowds pretending I cannot be seen
Each line I jot between got bodies that rot, call the SWAT regime
You lame brain, I'm going deaf towards you ABC niggas
You think on different levels on the same plane
So who's frontin', hit the snooze button, they confused
I sound ill on the mic like breaking news
Cuttin' to reporters getting camera time on the air
They on a different spectrum, I check them, direct from the owners chair
You're an erect bum that haven't grown a pair
Dickhead on some shit, that's a rectum, with the boner there
You wasn't family if we feud
Don't get it mixed up, just so we clear without being EQ
I think of crabs in the barrel, all I do is see food
Then I get back to droppin' gems like how we doin' Bejeweled, nigga
Watch me, I've escaped the botchery
It's sticky situations like Hibachi in Huaraches
Throw out my block heat, episodes I saw good times
Then I turned into Happy Days for all the Chachis who tried to block
So it's top notch, get the crotch please, it's diamond in a sea of glass
Got a degree of class like Liberace

I'll take a bullet for my man
I've reached my peak without me looking through my hands
You couldn't be the man, if they put you on the stand
You'd snitch in 16 minutes with the footage from the cam
I dreamt my wife had a black boy
My girl made a small wonder and I filmed it on an Android
Remember when I couldn't bag a hoe with a fly rump
And when I did, I dry-humped the cameltoe
I'm Earl Manigault, planet panel the periscope the antidote
Y'all ain't remotely close tryna channel hope
I'm on a paddle boat, how did I make enemies?
I know the answer before the question, I play Jeopardy!
The phrase heavenly, make melodies change energy
Rap president: I wrote this on a page, Kennedy!
Paid 70 for the Tesla, what a gesture
They wrote my name over the top, nothing extra
Dealer thought I was fronting, I wasn't under pressure
Took me some verses to get it like the Book of Esther
Too Biblical for the lyrical
My reflection talk back to me, my mirror cool
That's a miracle like the wicked queen with a tricky scheme
I got the apple in my palm without a vivid stream
Steve Jobs with the mean bars, your freak moms
Came and blew hair like she seen larger screens

Yo, I'm redirecting your retinas to read the message suggested
Through electromagnetic compulsive verbal aesthetic
A paranormal energy field selected this method
That I ghost busters, I don't mean paranormal detectives
Just die, I digress, I digest information
That make scrambled data appear in formation
You in for a spanking, I enforce thinking
You in fourth place if we enforce ranking
My word so bond, if I proceed to go home
And read the Bible backward it make Jesus throw stones
Find new direction
Heal your eyesight then blind you with blessings
I'm nice, uh, like slightly generous villain is
Venomous Christmas, beginners get wind of this winning penmanship
Wit, with conviction non-conditional
Omnipresent awesome all-seeing eye rituals and Lord
I should do a mantra, I'm a monster
Madman on ya roster wan' rump? Yah mon I'm a rasta
Word to Jah, word to Ra, word to the horizon
Haile Selassie ya, ha

It's kinda like every rhyme I write dope, Chyna white
I'm grinding white, Madonna white, hit me you tryna find the white
These key sales could get me shells like Obama wife
So I hold the llama tight, send you to Satan or Christ
On my baby mama life, pussies fuck with the bread
I bust on you dickheads like when the condom tight
My grower just drove up with a whole truck
So I'm 'bout to roll up like taking off the condom right
My bars raw like a condom strike
So when I'm rapping bars it's like popping with the Magnum off
Time out, you need to find out how much your casket cost
And make payments 'til I make arrangements to clap it off
Some cats are starved, they ain't rob folks
Some cats rob folk and still starve 'cause the niggas that they rob broke
If everybody at your job broke
I hope you find a new profession or you gon' go through depression
I got a new connection, my coke is a new complexion
Known the yayo I'm selling 'em, no melanin
Yo I get a pie, I sell to them and get 'em robbed
Come back with the same pack and make the sale again
You grew up with it but ain't never beat Wayne
Never me, but that joint'll let me bone like a skeleton
If you jealous then I get the stick and clap you, kid
Even on a laxative you ain't with the shits, bitch

They shooting, ha I made you look
You a level above, afraid you shook
Yeah, 'cause ain't no such things as half way crooks
A moment of silence for Prodigy
This the blood that shooters share on a feature song
As soon as the beeper's on producers flare
Music blare, you in the ether zone
Reach for chrome, to each his own
A Ruger lead, a super headed and eat your dome
[?] you dead or beat your home, be shalom, peace
A lot of my people know
A lot of my people couldn't leave the streets alone
So somebody shot 'em, a lot of my people gone
Either that or they in the pen with new sneakers on
Talking eastside shit on the speakerphone
I send work out to Georgia, it's all peachy though
Coke's all white, you think it was bleached by Ichigo
Getting money, quiet to the feds, to the fiber out my diet
Shit was all good just a week ago
You leave me no choice but to be my own CEO
Sinking low in the seats of a GTO like a pimp
In a stinking Lincoln rocking the pinkest mink
Keeping his eye on that sneaky hoe
Counting easy dough tryna keep it low
If you ain't from the 90's you won't understand this shit
.357, that's the way my hammer click
3.5.7 was part of Hammer's clique
'Pac's alive and landed on camera, that's the way my cannon spit
You better abandon ship, the predator anarchist
The better the rapper is the better the beheading
Make your predator sound regular after this
They said I'm immaculate, the weapon is accurate
You stepping on 'S Angeles, expecting an ambulance
Snatching rappers, we on the forefront
We was putting travel bans on niggas before Trump
Slipping out the exit, dipping out in they Lexus
Flipping out 'cause the pistol's mouth
Is sticking out like a sore thumb
Crooked I, too many loose screws, couso
KXNG CROOKED, I win and you lose, couso
I'm so West Coast I'm still thinking about taking a shot
At Jay for that line in "22 Two's," couso
He was right, too much West Coast dick-licking
I'm getting my dick licked by a thick bitch when it's slim pickings
All my bitches get to the chicken, they paper long
I got Raven Simone and Oprah's notifications on
Bust a nut in her pupil, that's how I school her
Her man mad the Ruger press his medula
Rappers try to match how clever I get so whatever I spit
Is their measuring stick, yes, I'm the ruler, Crooked
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