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Don't Love Me Lyrics

Mickey Factz – Don't Love Me Lyrics

I was in love now I don't even mess with her

That don't mean a brother can't get fresh with her

I swear I think it's all a test with her

I'm sending text to my ex asking can I have sex with her

She said, am I fling to catch

when u buy guitars are the strings attached?

Then I sat down and had a drink to that

I don't wanna be the guy that she think is wack

But I am

I know her like the skin on the back of my hand

The full surface of it like ima cassidy fan

even had her father say I'm a family man

Still aint work out, but went thru the insanity plan

Insanity man, I'm on the speed bag

Jumping rope, till my knees bad, BREATHE... Ahhhhh

Put my mind on other things, when it seems bad

Nightmares, no games, this what my dreams cast

Shorty got a d-league swag

Point guarding texting, always let a weak past

Days on end we don't speak dag...

I'm at the winehouse so much I need rehab

Broke many womens hearts

My bed chalked out about 20 women parts

I'm at the finishline, wondering when did it start

GPS'ing my confession, trinity is lost

Met a couple good girls, that I woulda kept

Met a couple models I wanted I couldn't get

I even hit chicks I knew aint look the best

Cause I aint sleep on you, when I knew I shoulda slept

Now I'm in the bed with a girl having fun with her

But I always think of her When I'm done with her

She wanna talk, I want cabs to come get her

If the sister act up, I aint do nothing with her

God hates insubordination

Coming from his soldier, who commits fornication

I be all wasted, making these daughters take it

Praying they aint fragile, then they water breaking

Waiting for this girl is sending greys to my scalp

That's why I hit the barber, he be fading it out

Always wanna yell but I aint able to shout

Cause when I get around her I'm duct taping my mouth

If all dogs go to heaven

Where this bitch gon go cause she not angelic

That wasn't a swipe, but u gotta give me credit

3 years tryna make it work got a brother desperate

Love Lost Lust left u undecided

It's sprayed on my wall to see love is blinded

Ironically another girl came to underlined it

We were over-rated, never double sided

Got your painting in my closet, creating dust

I guess it's a sign, it's time to hang it up

Painted a heart on my ceiling, can't make this up

I can see love without love as I'm waking up

Now it's on to the next one

Cause my ex hun was never the best one

And I swear with my hand over my left lung

U aint gonna get a phone call or a text from


Black women always saying

It's hard to find a good black man who aint playing

When one come around who's serious with dating

Thought start changing, hearts start breaking

I wanted vacations in drawn out places

Swanky hotels with 4 star ratings

U know I eat kosher, ima hardcore patron

And I accepted u eating all on bacon

That's love, sacrifice, passion right?

But it's time I left cause u aint acting right

Honestly we should be living the marriage life

How u half spanish and scared of a pack of rice

To hit us both while leave a church

What we shared had meaning but the meaning hurts

What's even sadder she prolly won't hear this verse

Cause I gotta send it to her to hear it first

She don't know what's going on

And that's the main reason why a brother moving on

Shot for the best, I'm giving u the bullets

Success... I hope somebody gives u what I couldn't

But I did
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