You know you want it but you got no self-control
You keep it burning like a junkyard stereo
A can of oil and she's ready to go
Yeah, you want it all
Either death or glory

You got the money but you ain't go no soul
A little honey on the side of the road
It's getting harder so you might explode
If you don't slow it down
If you don't slow it down now

The sun comes up, you turn me on
Like I knew you would
But when it's dark, you turn me off
Baby, you're no good
Don't know if I can stay right where I am
So turn me loose
It's all part of your plan

You know you always were the fortunate one
Your mama touted you her only golden son
You drank your bottle and you rattled your gun
Yeah, you were bad news since the day you were born

Somehow you caught me in your one-way sticky trap
I took your love but then you had to steal it back
And now you're giving me a heart attack
I'm not the only one
Yeah, you're a vagabond, baby


I can run and I can hide
But I know you're going to find me in the end
Oh, mastermind

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Mastermind Lyrics

Michelle Branch – Mastermind Lyrics