That its over
What went through you
Broke the spell
But until it
Makes you stronger
What don’t kill you
Hurts like hell

Verse 1: See him walking down the road
Like his coat is full of stones
With an arrow in his throat
Little sparrow
Well it hadn’t gone as planned
See the heart that’s in his hands
But he’ll have another chance
Come tomorrow

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2: Now as everybody knows
She was living with a ghost
But she had to let it go
Full of sorrow
She gave everything away
Now she’s learning how to say
I will never know the day
Come tomorrow

Repeat chorus

How was I to know that the ends would take me over
I need both hands to shield the light
Slipping out of the darkness can’t take everything you lost
Just a little more
So I tell myself

Repeat Chorus
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What Don't Kill Ya Lyrics

Michelle Branch – What Don't Kill Ya Lyrics