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Time And Space Lyrics

MF Grimm – Time And Space Lyrics

Mf Grimm - “Time and Space”
[Emcee(s): mf Grimm]
[Producer(s): dj Rob A]

[Verse 1: mf Grimm]
Angel thought he was better than man
So God shook him up and changed his plan
Broke his wing. No longer could he soar
Jumped off a cloud, and he fell to
Floor, thinking God took him to war
Not in Heaven ‘cause the views he saw
Hell indeed, burning at the core of Earth
Focus, escape this Hell through
Birth. Pure vibration teleport to womb
Human form born in June. As a
Man, hunger, pain consumed
Spanked on the ass, starts to cry
Welcome to life, you was born to die
Learn lessons through suffering
Progress from struggling
Years to adjust to the vehicle he’s in
Come across humans, get feelings for them, different
Needs from each and the things they do
They are stressed. It affects him too
Temperature drops, and the world feels so
Cold. Tired start feeling his soul
So many died, felt the pain it caused
In 3-D, holograms get stuck on pause
Human life is I. Forgive him

[Verse 2: mf Grimm]
As Ibliys cried, wishing he
Could fly again. He could not remember
Why, again, it was so important for him to be
Better then all men. Better was a bitter
Sin (Bitter sin), being humble was the medicine
The elixir to fix his broken wing
Oh how he missed the way the angels would sing
As Ibliys cried, wishing he could
Fly again, touch clouds in the sky again
Heaven once again
He heard a voice that said to try again
He heard a voice that said to try again

[Hook: mf Grimm]
First you must learn man, Ibliys
Then flap your wings through time and space
Fly to me. All creations are gifts
Transform to light and uplift your-

[Outro: mf Grimm]
Uplift yourself
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Songwriters: PERCY L CAREY
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