You're too thin to win, too fat to fight back

No matter how you see it, it's a landslide

Seven digits we be countin, my crew be movin mountains

Step up nigga it's a landslide

It's wrong to kill a man, but God got to understand

That no matter how He see it, it's a landslide

And if He feels I'm a traitor, deal with consequences later

Down in hell, repurcussions for my homicide

I don't wanna be the hardest, for what it's worth

I just wanna finish my bid on the planet Earth

I pray to God that you stay out my fuckin way

Cause it's kill or be killed, that's how it's every day

It's fucked up that a brother can't just live in peace

But there's so much jealousy here on the east

A lot of brothas from the west coast is dope indeed

Some are acting like they don't fuckin bleed

From the east or the west if I offend you

Fuck the battle nigga, we can make it pay-per-view

I fear no man who inhales oxygen exhales dioxide

Any war's a landslide


The bullshit will not be tolerated

Ammunition clicked back, trigger pulled, block illuminated

Thought you saw victory, hallucinated

Body wet, spirit's dry, soul evaporated

Gravedigger, stripped naked

Here try this white dress, strap on these brand new wings nigga

Reality, embrace dreams in bear hugs

Niggaz wit juice reduced to scared thugs

Egos, ripped with desert eagle slugs

Mugs, pushed back

Rugs, washed

Overall mf the best like Osh Kosh

Rappers act hardened, I prosecute like Darden

Challenge me, what motherfucker? Beg your pardon

All hail me as I sing words of war

All fail see as we're battlin on tour

Feds tail me they survail but get lost

Want to nail me like I'm Jesus to the cross

Brag about their riches, deep down they just bitches

Talkin murda shit, go to jail become snitches

Assholes ripped, patched back up in stitches

Chopped they mothafuckin tree down family left in ditches

Electric chair is hittin switches

Pataki smoke crack that's why he's wacky

Giuliani act Gotti, but he's punanni

Not Pizano, he's Brasco you're Donnie

Mf is mossimo, negato, asesino

Anti-oxidants and aminos, learn lessons

When the C. Are. E. A. M. Goes and the hoes life flows

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Landslide Lyrics

MF Grimm – Landslide Lyrics