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Meddle With Metal Lyrics

MF Doom – Meddle With Metal Lyrics

Officer on deck

Hard head descendants
Jarhead in the trenches
Scarhead's relentless
You came, performers, locksmiths and fools
Czar, what's your occupation? (Woof)
Anytime I'm spittin', the floor rock
The spell's so strong, I catch hate from witches and warlocks
Boom-bap and back to the track master hot as Africa sand
Movin' bodies like a human trafficker
What I'm stompin' to harder than an inmate on a conjugal
Launchin' you with rocket fuel
Live at the barbecue
Rebel I-N-S provide a spark for you
And I ain't even dig into my arsenal
Don't take it personal, you know the biz
And you know this is, thoughts
So much force I'm like Yoda's twin
(Fire) I break a sweat in the coldest wind
I'm bad news, they gon' know the fire closest kin

Czar, DOOM
Czar, DOOM
Czar, DOOM
Czar, DOOM
Czar, DOOM
Czar, DOOM

The Supervillain a maniacal tyrant
Hear footsteps, adapt to your environment
Jungle, all you suckers with the rap jargon
The type of rap you find on a rack at a bargain
Type of crap probably gettin' smacked off the margin
When this reads 72 mix at The Garden
New York, this ain't no new talk, truth talk
Tmz and fake beef is the new pork
Filthy, regurgitate
Tape him up, lay him down, increase the murder rate
No no no, not that dude, I heard he straight
Wack rappers get spit on through the pearly gates
Final straw, ask 'em what they rhymin' for
Death waits right behind the door like a dinosaur
On a line of raw
Trying to find a cure

Czar, DOOM
Czar, DOOM
Czar, DOOM
Czar, DOOM
Czar, DOOM
Czar, DOOM

It was a shit show from the get-go
Every hero needs a villain, weave a web like Steve Ditko
To get dough, they thirsty
Word to big Diplo
They tip-toe
Minions 'round the giant with the sick flow
No, no, I wouldn't provoke 'em
They call him Connor McGregor the way he's fuckin' us both
In a trial by combat, let's do ten paces
Cesspool erases
Deadpool their faces
Death Doom and Sheamus
Rec rooms and stages
You gamble with your health
Med schools and Vegas
I miss that old shit
Rappers used to be stupid def
Now they just stupid and deaf
I stay around bread like twisty ties
Look (up in the sky)
Czarface stick the superhero and an extra fly
My mind scattered but the bars rule
So many voices in my head that every ride's a carpool

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