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Notebook 04 Lyrics

MF Doom – Notebook 04 Lyrics

Batman and Robin, head bobbin', no Joker Penguin
You see him freezin' up like Mr Freeze
Catwoman on the mind
The Batmobile design, Alfred the butler
Dynamic duo hustlers
Burn rubber, Gotham City I'm spinnin' in the gutter
Left the Batcave full of computers, the Mad Hatter
The realest, see my boss red like Twizzlers
I'm so hot like Hot Wheels, color shifters
Diagonal over Gotham City lookin' pretty
The caped crusader continue through the stages like a player
Pullin' up on The Joker while he playin' poker
King Tut hoppin' out the Range Rover with rolic shoulders
Green Hornet and Kato see the Lamborghini doors open
Same rims on the BM as the Lotus
Dark blocks and they pop like Pop Rocks
Your girl on the cock, she jock a lot
The next episode, reload

Cock the swammy back, don't hesitate, react, believe dat
They defecate where they eat at
More opposal than the Boars Head logo
The trees had 'em seein' in portions in slow mo, whoa
A whole lot of funk, a whole lot of drunk, who knows
Could've did a line of bump with Donald Trump
He hear voices in his head, he gotta jump
Not now, too much lactose, gotta dump
A wise owl, growl with a mean scowl
A stand up dude even when he seeing foul, meanwhile
The world keeps on spinnin'
It seems the forces of evil keep on winnin'
Change of plans, and I'll take that off your hands
Retreat back to the cave with your mans
Super Vil, salute Milk D, top bill
Top notch, or chop meat, and chop krill
In the mix of trappin' and gun clappin'
Doin' 25 years in, son slappin'
Wrote the key to life down on some napkin
Can't find it, whoever do is like minded
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