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TV Reject Lyrics

Merlyn Wood – TV Reject Lyrics

[Verse 1: Merlyn Wood]
Yo, I fall in love but I never fall in love with a bitch
She got it going on for a bitch
Man show me her on Tinder, like you know this bitch?
If you know what's good for you swipe left on that bitch
I know, they call me an asshole, [?] hairdo
That roll it like a crews
The stoners, the dopers, the martians that's global
Out in Brockhampton we craftin' that blah blah blah
I said look, we can talk about school
We can talk about me, we can talk about you
What you like, and that place, feign interest and that shit
It shows off right, he's so considerate
But please take note, I was tryna fuck
I'm always tryna fuck, the end of the night
Don't tell your friends any different
You see pussy in a sentence is more like a religion
Yeah and I don't get much of either
Chiefin' on the reefer
Mama told me treat these girls like they Aretha
Oh you wanna be friends?
What you smokin' my weed for?
Talk to other boys, now you don't know me huh?
These girls are the same, these girls are to blame
For the pain in my veins, you drive me insane
On the atlantic strip with no gas in my plane
But please wait, hold up, let me maintain

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