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Lazy Wood Lyrics

Merlyn Wood – Lazy Wood Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Let's begin
Out the pussy I was glistenin'
I hit my head against the wall, balls as dry as charcoal
This is some, this is symphony
Pig in the blanket, I sit in my sheets
I'm [?]
She skeet skeet
G.E.D's be harassing me
Well my letters ain't Greek but they spell [?]
Optimus Prime is on my fleet, and she still don't wanna fuck with me
Well, oh wait, let me re calibrate
Wanna bring some to the Cali state?
One day someone nigga dad gone hate
[?], said this could be a lotto
[?], six plus three plus we plus me, dusty ayy
That's a full house, hop and then bounce
Bih, you look like a brand new ounce
Ask you out on a fold of a couch, shit
Need to act [?] like a grownup
L's tonight, I be [?]
No suck, ain't [?]
Took her to [?] like a local rat
I'ma [?] with the ho
Then [?] just to rate the ho
Smoke all in my vision and I thought my shit was pimpin' 'til I kissed her she yelled "date raaaape!"

Touch, I just wanna play
I just wanna, huh, you know what I mean
I just wanna
Touch, I just wanna play
I just wanna
No, can you come out and plaaay?

[Verse 2]
Truth is, I'm clueless with the [?]
Why copper workin' [?] the ones that study much
Faster, burn my forty acres, I'd rather have no school
All I need's a confederate bitch, I'ma hit her with the mule
I'ma make my system [?]
Bet a whole alphabet
I don't know you all but I'll jump that cue and I'll dot that X
I'll punch you, wait
This southern slang hard to imitate
This southern way make ya jaw break

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