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The Night Watchman Lyrics

Memphis – The Night Watchman Lyrics

Try to go to sleep
I'll stay awake tonight
The rattle of the window
The frost diffuses light
The yard is white with snow
Beyond, the ink black sea
The corridor is dark now
This house and you and me

Night up and above us
Night down below
I try to let it go

Murder mystery
Lies open on my chest
Sleep begins to take me
My mind wants me to rest
An hour left 'til dawn
I sign to pass the time
But I forget the words now
I can't recall the rhyme

I get to the chorus
Certain of the song
And then it's gone

The room is filled with sleep
But I can hear you dream
And even with your arms above your head
You're stronger than you seem
But if they come for us
I won't wake you from your sleep
I said that I'd defend you
And that's a promise that I'll keep

A noise at the gate now
My pulse starts to run
Here comes the sun
I think I see the sun
I think I see the sun
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