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I'll Do Whatever You Want Lyrics

Memphis – I'll Do Whatever You Want Lyrics

Magnificent in disguise
You've got watchers eyes
You'll get a chance to show what
You're made of
The question asked terrifies
And I can't disguise
That your answer is what I'm afraid of
Help me to understand
If you have a plan
It would do us some good if you shared it
Help me to make it clear
What we're doing here
It was a different dream
But you decided you had to compare it

Show me what you want to do
Ask me and I'll follow you
Tell me something true
Speak it and I will believe it

Corruption of purity
It occurs to me
That you didn't have much in the first place
"Telephone Diary, Chapters one to three"

When I read it
You should have seen your face

Well I know it's wrong to create a song
In the ashes of what we believe in
But I have a war to fight
And wrong or right
I'll escape from what I was deceived in

I guess now we're enemies
You'll make love to me with your fingers crossed
When we do it
Depending on chemistry
To make us free, yeah
We built us a bomb
Then we threw it
And here in the wreckage dear
With the sky so clear,
But the smoke hides the sun up above us
We'll always have just one thing
That we love fighting
And we're hoping that someone will love us
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