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RokRok Lyrics

MellowHype – RokRok Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Pour my lyrics in your cup, it's glass warming
Roll up six dutches, yo I got a half on me
I'm like a dinosaur, spikes in my back, bony
When I get out the streets, I ain't going back
Homie, real mo', you know it's real in the battlefield
Money first, beef last, I could make the cattle yield
It's been so hard for me, I can't conclude how to feel
Bringing snakes in the grass, to the cage if they rattle, kill
I'm competitive, beating you competitors
No time to settle in, my focus is irregular
Approach the game, stepping up, stand my ground, set it up
I'm an odd character, someone you've never met before
See me through your eyes, you see me through the skies
Even Left Brain and Ace Creator splitting beef pie
We high, almost like we fly cause we fly
We run LA, watch me speed by

I rok-rok
Roll over
I rok-rok
Roll over
Rok-rok like a rolling stone

[Verse 2]
Knock-knock, the block's hot, the cop's out
Rolling, rock-rock, my cock's out
And can you take it, guess where I lunge out
When you step into the ring and get their lines punched out
I must be fed, can't eat with a closed mouth
Can't make it home if you sleeping in the ho's house
Eating all the ho's food, slouching on the ho's couch
She bout to trickin you know what them hoes about
When she see you in the Benz she gonna go and tell her friends
Now her friends fucking with you cause they want to get it in
If she come up on the cash, they got split it in thirds
They dig so deep in your pockets you can't put it in words
I don't receive pleasure off of heffers going after my cheddar
Attitude is whatever for ever twenty more pleather
I got a fuck 'em all tee with a fuck 'em all gesture
And I don't give, never


[Outro: Left Brain]
Odd Future rocks, Hodgy Beats rocks
Left Brain rocks, Jimmi Hendrix rocks
Michael Jackson rocks, Santana rocks
Di Meola rocks, Quasimoto rocks
OutKast rocks, Snoop Dogg rocks
The whole West coast rocks
Rock, yeah, rock, roll
Roll, roll a blunt, yeah
Left Brain niggas mothafucking bitch
Odd Future, MellowHype, cut this shit
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