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Fakuoy Lyrics

MellowHype – Fakuoy Lyrics

I'm aerodynamic, my paper plane is gigantic
I sync to tracks like Titanic, nigga
I'm also rhythmatic
I'm are-rugged j-jagged
My flow is warmer than jackets
I got are-ratchet in jacket
I pull out, smash it and bash it
Cabernet in my cabinets, sh-shocka
And that's for the rabbits
I take five ads for the habits
Though that sh-shit makes me cabbage
I go bananas on monkeys, I act a ass, fuck a donkey
Don't come up short with my money
Or p-p-play at the Huntley
Baby, burban got me lazy swervin'
Toss and turvy on the road
I almost pulled on the corner store
Feds around, wonder bro like Warner Bro
Flip the script, sure to go I'm sure to blow
I'm gloriphobe, I call you niggas horrible
Cause your floral growth of an artist is like the purest loaf, no bread
I leave you fucks mindblown, walkin' around with no head
I'm so sled, moped jetski molestin' this beat, Left Brain, man how the fuck we turn off all this fuckin' heat
Bitches so bad, I call you niggas bitches like you wearin' the dogtag
I smoke that bud, wiser than the frog that's on the log ad
I walk my flow to the booth and I'm?
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