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Sick Of It Lyrics

Mdc – Sick Of It Lyrics

Man oh man that's right I'm sick of it
Sick of everybody and sick of their shit

Sick of my tv set telling me what to do
Pretty empty faces all smiling right at you
Sick of Blink 182 and their goofy hijinx
Sick of their poppy music that really stinks
I'm sick of all the rappers and all their bling bling
Hyped out fake anger they rhyme and sing
Sick of Classic Rock that's as old as dirt
And old rock stars that look really burnt

Sick of George Bush that republican fat ass
Always talking war and tax cuts for the upper class
Sick of Bill O'Reilly and his spin free zone
All right wing propaganda laced in self-righteous tones
Sick of all the yuppies in their suv's
How their selfishness affects you and me
Sick of how this country is turning out
Greediness and self interest is what it's all about

Sick of George Clooney and the Hollywood jet set
Nicole Kidman so fucking good looking she never breaks a sweat
Sick of all the poseurs trying to make a scene
Sick of all us punk rock rockers, practicing looking mean

Sick of all you rednecks and your ugly stares
Tell you that you better beware
Yeah that's right, fucking sick of it
It's all truly, such a bunch a shit
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