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Destroying The Planet Lyrics

Mdc – Destroying The Planet Lyrics

Born so ahead in life it's all a game
There you rule so smug - with no shame
Plan your life in the upper class
You're such a fucking selfish ass

Daddy sets you up with all his cash
Time to sober up from having a blast
A DWI could ruin your career
Or kill someone next to you who you hold dear

Well you found God, you're such a holy creep
In church with all your buddies for the cameras you weep
On your knees, with the good book... you'll keep
Smile to cover up just how much you want to sleep

Life is a party as you sail through Yale
All your frat boy antics, still no jail
How many arrests on your rap sheet were erased?
As the courts always seem to lose your case

And that year and a half in the National Guard
Where no one remembers you being in the yard
A chicken hawk holy warrior for Christ
Watch the war on TV and all the people getting diced

Compassionate conservative you're full of shit
With the country clubbers you're such a hit
For tax cuts for the rich you will lie
As you plan for Social Security to die

How many lives were destroyed today?
And no one can get married... if they're gay
Carpet-bomb the world, collateral damage you say
And just remind the Africans with AIDS to pray

Destroying the planet while making the rich richer
And still manage to make it to bed by nine
Go for a jog and choke on a pretzel
You and your cronies are nothing but swine

Fuck you & God Bless America
Fuck you & God Bless America
Fuck you & God Bless America

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