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711 Hawaii Prank Call Lyrics

Mc Lars – 711 Hawaii Prank Call Lyrics

711: Hello, 711, may I help you?
Lars: Hey, what time are you guys open until?
711: We're open 24 hours.
Lars: Do you guys have Slurpees?
711: Yes we do.
Lars: What's the best flavor you guys have?
711: Huh?
Lars; What flavors do yo you have?
711: We have Coke, strawberry, purple berry, cherry,
Black rasberry, Frog, and Mountain Dew.
Lars; Hey, we're on vacation from Pheonix and I'm in a
Band called the Firebirds. It's a hip-hop band.
If we perform could we get a free Slurpee?
711: No you can't.
Lars: Do you think we can perform outside and make some
Money and pay for the Slurpee through that?
711: Right now you can't do that because if the cops
Come they will arrest you.
Lars: Because I don't have a performance liscence?
711: No, because it's late. You're not allowed to do
Any performance after 10 inside a neighborhood.
Lars; So tomorrow morning around 11 maybe?
711: Uh, no.
Lars: What time? 11 am.
711: No. You guys can't. You have to go through the
Lars: Can I do it down by the beach and then take the
711: That's up to you guys. We're not involved with
That part.
Lars: We just want it, because we're on vacation we ran
Out of money because we paid all of our
Money on the hotel and we're on vacation.
711: I don't know.
Lars: Okay, well we'll come by, we'll probably get the
Cherry one.
711: That's up to you guys but you can't perform here.
Lars: Will we get in trouble if we perform and get the
Cherry one?
711: Huh?
Lars: Like if we buy the cherry Slurpee will we get in
Trouble? If we buy one of the specific

Slurpees is there a better possibility that we won't
Get in trouble?
711: If you guys buy it, yeah, you won't get in
Trouble. But if you guys don't, then you will
Get in trouble.
Lars: Is there one that's safer? Like the blueberry
Because less people want it?
711: Huh?
Lars: I was wondering if there's a correlation between
Slurpee and potential of not getting in trouble
With the Hawaii police. You know what I'm saying? Like
If we perform and buy a Slurpee that's less popular.
711: That's up to you guys if you want to perform but
You guys are not allowed to peform on a 711 property.
You guys can go perform someplace else and if you guys
Do make the money, then you guys can come over here
And buy your Slurpee.
Lars: Okay, here's what we'll do, if we make enough
We'll buy you a free Slurpee and give our new CD called
"Straight Outta Phoenix".
711: But, um, we only work until 6, so...
Lars: Okay, well we'll be by before 6.
711: Um, you guys can't perform even before six.
Lars: Then we'll do it tomorrow. We'll come by
711: You guys got to do it like maybe at 8, 9 o'clock.
Lars: If we write a song about 711 will you guys play
It in the store on your CD player if we give it to you?
711: We're not allowed to do that. You've got to go
Through the main company.
Lars: Okay, I'll call them.
711: Okay.
Lars: Thanks.
711: Do you need the number?
Lars; Do you have it?
711: Yes.
Lars: Okay, I'll call them, and Aloha, that means
Goodbye in Hawaii too, right?
711: Yes.
Lars: Aloha.
711; Bye.
Lars: Bye.
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