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Cake (2008) Lyrics

Max B – Cake (2008) Lyrics

They lovin' it
Boss Don, PD5
Got you niggas, yeah

[Hook: Max B]
These niggas don't want me to shine
Niggas don't want me to grind
(I'm) about my money, nigga
These niggas don't want me to live
These niggas just want me to beg
[?] up in the prison system
Niggas know I about to get rich
They know I'm about to get bread
We 'bout to get cash

[Verse 1]
I been coolin' niggas off like an A.C
One minute you're hot
The next minute you're not
Dropped a album
Nobody copped it
Nobody believed in the game
Without the Boss Don wave
Funny how, niggas turn funny style
I just let the money pile
Bitches scream 'skeeted on my tummy' (Oww)
I was in the room seeking closure
Smokin' on a doser
Prune juice get me and my dude's lose

Niggas ain't know me
Fuck my bitches in one day
Some say, Bigga you the illest
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