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I'm So High Lyrics

Max B – I'm So High Lyrics

[Verse 1]
You's a, a batty mans star
Load up the fifth and shot the batty man car
See, now look what you made me do
Just copped the benz and its navy blue
He be knowing what that 80 do
He dont come around, jump out
Buy nike boots, nah he dont run around
I catch that nigga slipping ima put him down
Flash the dick on the bitches, wave the wood around
Im good for now, dish the trey cook the pound
And spit better baby make your lips wetter
Come on baby let me get a suck
Ima freaky lil nigga bitch so let me get a fuck
Won't you let me get a buck, greedy ass best to slice
Pd to a d shit next one I bet they like
Niggas must've left they nikes
Niggas tried to rob the wave they must've left they mics
Ima rest day light
See them faggots tryna eat, and ima wet they slice
See the maggots try to breed, duplicate the niggas thats real
Fuck the metaI ima hit em with the steel

Niggas start shittin they pants when we roll up
Don't nobody move a muscle, this a hold up
Treat you like a beach chair, make you fold up
Drink the grand cru straight no soda
From the East to the West coast
Mami screaming baby dont cry
Im the taers on the techs twos
Got me screaming im so high

[Verse 2]
Yea I got that kushy in the swisher sweets
Got that pussy in the hilton suite
Got the bentley with the built in seats
Fuck im talking bout, send a full clip at your sternum, make you walk it out
I dont talk it out, Ima shoot ya ass
DT scoopin my ass GT coupe in the stash ill roof ya ass
Im heavy duty chevy and its very fruity
Nigga im very loopy
Its seconds left, give me the pill
Got ya faggot rap niggas like, milli-vanill
You niggas silly for real
Think ya fucking with a nigga like me
Desert eagle with the white tee, fucked ya wifey
Made her cook me a burger and a bucket of ice tea
Got the bucket its pricey
And I dont give a fuck if you like me, nigga im nice b

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