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Canvas Lyrics

Mat Kerekes – Canvas Lyrics

These walls, they could close in
This whole room could swallow us
I lit a fire and now everything's turned to dust
You're pacing the basement
There's no one, no, it's just us
You said the best thing you've learned
Is to know when you've given up

They shout
"We will wait if you come. Slow down with the rest of us. We need you for once."

Death is creeping up and that's just what you'll get
That's why I'm always looking back, cause I'm not finished yet
There's a static in the air and it's deafening
There's a million people dancing while I'm fast asleep
They are laughing
"The next big somethings"

A door in the sky, a canvas that is finished to me
You know, we end up being who we are pretending to be
You stay for the memory but only for what you want to see
We are lost in a whisper
Forgotten, like we are meant to be

My camera is out
I'm going to capture this scene
I'll look back in a couple weeks
If things are different, then we will see
I float in and out but is that good enough for me?
Trading a dream for reality
I've been blending in with everything

There's a thick, dark cloud hanging over the show
I see their eyes fill with confusion but soon they'll know
She would tell me, "It's alright, we will get through this"
I still think about her, just me and my silhouette
We were giants
I know we didn't fall for nothing

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