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For The Month Lyrics

Mat Kerekes – For The Month Lyrics

I spent a year on my feet
I was running where you'd walk
I keep my eyes on the pavement
'cause I still don't want to talk

I spent my money for the sake of hoping
That I wasn't done
You spent a summer on your stomach
So I guess I owe you one

I got this feeling in my head
Like I'm staring at a ghost
I've been seeing different cities
I've been sleeping in my clothes

Went to that place in California
That you always wanted to go
And I thought that you would like it
Someday I will let you know

I've been wandering away
I've been wandering away

You've got your hair pulled back
And you're leaving 'cause you don't care
You're always taking your time
And you do it because you can

You're feeling lucky and you're happy
'cause you finally found a man
He's got a pocket full of money
When all I can do is hold your hand

I've been back for a month
I've been laying on the floor
I've been counting down the minutes
I've been wondering where you are

Well I thought I'd try and call you
'cause I've just been so bored
But I wouldn't want to bother you
So I will hold my words

I've been wandering away
I've been wandering away

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