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Broken Mouth Lyrics

Martyr Ad – Broken Mouth Lyrics

Once again the pain has come
Blood fills my eyes
Another voice lies dying in the wind
This remains constant
Repetition breeds normalcy just the dying whisper of an infected fool
One more face has come
And walked away with a piece of me
Leaving me along bleeding and speechless
Preserving silence
Please understand you've done this to yourself
A dying flower and a piece of blame
That I used to know
I remember you staring back at me
Through broken glass
So tear apart your memories
And suck your fingers dry and look for another way
To fill an empty life
One more face has come and killed me
Slowly with it's tongue
Leaving scabs to hide the words
That fall on the ears of the deaf
Preserving silence it feels like I'm dying
And this time it's your fault
Tied to the gun tied to the knife
Watching you chase your own demise
Kill another minute wasting what you needed
You've left yourself to nothing
And tried to take me with you
Believing all your falsehoods
You're drowning here alone
I know that in the end
You will burn for this
You are falling from my hands
A silhouette of disgust
A chalk outline of a soul
A sickened tortured figure
Rests it's outstretched arms
The damned leading the damned
To a place for the forgotten
A chorus of the lost
In a room for the weak
Crying out turning blue
Suffocating in your sea of self hate
Aand lust with apathy
Life washes past bloodied eyes
And leaves a numb hardened wreck
Lying still in it's place
Wasting what you took from me
Leaving me to mourn
Exhausting the space I've given you
Forgetting you in the end
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