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A Suicide Note In Braille Lyrics

Martyr Ad – A Suicide Note In Braille Lyrics

Stab me in the heart again
Once for love and twice for the past
It seems days grow colder here
Now that death is in the sky
I've choked on these words
And laid here rotting away
I've sewn my eyes shut
Waiting for the worm to turn
As the clouds rest in the dirt
With the ashes of angels wings
Let this room shine like a star
And let me forget to breathe
Starve the parasite
Laugh at me and twist the knife
You are the picture of perfection
And I am the filth
From beginning to end
It's the truth behind every word
From a forked tongue that sucks out my life
And fills in the grave a heart on a shelf
As a reminder of sympathy
Collecting dust as a trophy as it burns as it tricks
Again you've severed your lifeline to me
I rest in a bed of cedar wishing good night to my failures
Driving nails through my hands
Resting and restless
Thrown down amongst the swine
Once constructed as divine paralyzed by dignity
And smothered by a memory
Dear walls stare analyze me
It lasted longer
Pitiful me conscious to find nothing again
A vile reality runs through my head
And it's fluctuating repiticiously in this hole
Twice preserved I've failed
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