Hook (vchenay)
Can I be the only one, who never sleeps at night
When there's something on my mind, I'm always loosing time
Maybe, one day I'll meet
Somebody who can relate to me, maybe
I know I'm not the only one

I'm always tryna sleep, but I always never can
I'm always tryna take back things I've never said
& life is just an hour glass, glued to the table
& we all staring at it wondering when it's gonna end
People always laughing at these plans of mine
I'm tryna go & build castles in the sands of time
But when I try to move forward everybody tries to clown me
I'm feeling like a land mine no one comes around me
It's irritating, I've tried counting sheep
How my supposed to dream big if I can't even sleep?
Well I guess I'm too bleek, but that will never stop
Cause I'm tired of pretending to be happy when I'm not
I'm so lost, I need one last plan
I was suited up in hearts but I played a bad hand
I know I should of folded but I couldn't have man
Cause I know a good run is better than a bad stand


There's a little bit of loneliness in all of us
But I guess I'm more alone then I thought I was
So I find myself talking to the wall
Getting all these dirty looks when I'm walking through the halls
The same bull, story of my life
Nothing gets me worried more than cory with a knife
I'm just looking for the glory and the light
My ex calls me crazy and now I'm pretty sure that she is right
But I've never been the type to just settle
In a dark room shadown boxing with the devil
But she don't wear prada or stelettos?
She got on a northface, uggs and a watch with a bezel
It's no sweat though, I wont acknowledge it
Give my heart a twitter and I still wouldn't follow it
Cause sometimes the heart plays tricks on your mind
Actually all the time, especially when it's mine

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Only One Lyrics

Marty McFly – Only One Lyrics