I wonder what it feels like
You shouln't day dream baby this is real life
& tomorrow ain't promised so
Living for the moment is the only thing logical.

He spends his nights in California,
Watching the stars on the big screen.
Then he lies awake and he wonders,
Why can't that be me?

From the bottom of my heart I want to thank every fan that I've got
I know I do it all the time, I'm not planning to stop
But around me the world is not what it seems like
Which makes me stop at the green light's
I need to slow down, cause when I'm gone ya'll gone miss me
The world turns slow but backs turn quickly
& even though the pain is bottled inside
I keep my middle finger up and I swallow my pride
& time flies but the days don't follow
My heads full of stress but my hearts all hollow
I'm giving it my all, waiting for the bravo
Trying not to drown in a pool full of sorrow
Pause... I backstroke towards sanity
Do it for the love and I do it for my family
Now I'm in control like the eye of the storm
But when the reign comes down, it breaks through the canopy
Yeah... Every days a slow day
The sun's gonna shine if you prey for snow days
And even when they tell you that you are not alone
They stay for a while but then they gotta go
Man, I just can't be free
Everytime I'm round ya'll I just can't be me
And sometimes I feel I'm driving in a limo
Cause I can see yall but you can't see me
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California Dreamin' Lyrics

Marty McFly – California Dreamin' Lyrics