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The Weekend Lyrics

Marty Grimes – The Weekend Lyrics

[Hook: Meta4]
I'm blazing rolling down my block
And my eyes so bloodshot
Just me and my girl getting high
Baked in the sun as time ride by
We ain't tripping on nothing tonight
Just glad we got each others side
So it's gone be me and her
And we gone take a flight for the weekend

[Verse 1: Marty Grimes]
Yea, I just don't get it
See its something about this girl
The way she rolls up another joint it takes me to another world
She gets me so exited and the tree it stays ignited
Once we light it we go flying, I let her be my pilot
Yea, I feel like Wiz, cause she's my weed roller
And I'm hardly ever sober, call me, the romantic stoner
Rolling in my loner, hot-boxing the two of us
Hop out reeking, eyes bleeding, so they knew its us
We be through them blunts, and we been through them jays
On the beach rolling cheech with my stoner babe
The smoking up is just a daily routine
She laugh at me when I get high cause I be trying to sing like


[Bridge: Meta4]
Weekend, weekend
We gone take a flight for the weekend
Weekend, weekend
We gone be heavily weeded

[Verse 2: Marty Grimes]
It's funny how I met her, she looked my way and pointed
Then handed me a joint that had her name and number on it
Yea I thought it was dope, so she had my attention
And a hipster stoner chick is my personal preference
Now perfect nights is Netflix and bong rips and
Post high we in them covers for long trips when
She roll by, we smoke and we do it all over again
No lie she roll it tight with them brown eyes
She keep me planted I never take her for granted
We get blasted and watch the sun set from another planet
Forever on a red eye flight, and if they call me into work instead I might
Just tell them that

[Hook + Bridge]

[Verse 3: Meta4]
I still think about days we met back then
Hope this high and what we have will never end
We smoked so many jays, live life and no regrets
Just me and my girl, run until there's nothing left

[Verse 4: Marty Grimes]
I wake up, she pack a bowl and we toke up
The first time I had a jay I swear I woke up
And man I hate smoking alone, toking alone
Patiently waiting until she comes home
The thought of being without her had me tripping so I
Hop in the whip and go get her and every time we get high
I'm never tripping of that crazy shit
That, "Who I seen you with
You know what time it is? Baby where you been"
No time for that though, rolling joints on my back door
All up under the covers she fall asleep on my lap though
We make it easy making up
She said I got the most expensive number she gave up
My lady love

[Hook + Bridge: Marty Grimes & Meta4]
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