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Die For Me Lyrics

Marty Grimes – Die For Me Lyrics

[Intro: Kyle]
Would you die for, die for, die for me
Got that twinkle in your eye for me

[Verse 1: Marty Grimes]
I met her at a show some time ago
She was at the bar drunk with her two friends
I looked in her eyes and I let her know
Really I'm just fucked up as you is
Next thing you know I'm taking flights
Every weekend to her city for another night
Not knowing what to call it but just living life
We was loving it
Not even worried 'bout no other shit
She told me she was falling fast pretty quick
So I had to ask when she walked in

[Hook: Kyle] x2
I'm just saying would you die for me
I'm staring at you seeing that you got that
Twinkle in your eye for me
Never hold back show me that you gon' ride for me
Never lie to me, I'm just saying would you die for me
Would you die for me, would you die for me

[Verse 2: Marty Grimes]
Not even tripping she stay persistent and keeps me lifted
Flew to Cali cause we were tired of all the distance
God as my witness man she bad as hell
I be walking down the street these niggas mad as hell
Like nah, nah he ain't do it yeah I did it
See I found her at the start tryna take her to the finish
If I'm gone for a minute would you hold me down
If I needed you to tell me would you show me how
Different city new girls at another show
I see you tryna get the crown but I gotta know
If you down to roll, cuz fame come and go
Yeah I'm asking everything and a little more
But being perfect isn't something that you gotta do
Cause if you're rough around the edges I can polish you
I'm tryna make it to my moms while we're driving too
But first we gotta make a stop or two


[Bridge: Christoph Andersson]
Once was not enough for me
Believe me just forget the past tonight
It's getting hard for me to sleep
Just keep me up and you'll be here tonight
I'll lie and say that I don't need you
Saying things that I don't mean to
It's obvious that you can feel me now
I wanted you to know so...

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