Time and shit
Yo, yo

Burn yo mama this
A new drama kept to a minimum
Anywhere I'm sipping when I'm stepping the move
Will cash me budget from the child
Charge my every move
Took a chance and I spin up from spitting the truth
Oh, this bucket has is all that I invested in
Murder every beat and poured the bliss to hide the everything
Paradigm shifting soon as everyone got settled in
Won't be signing to this shit
No deal nigger inside the deaf
Far from being average Joe
Smoking on that Cannabis flow
The easy beat listen to me cause I undamaged it though
Speaker boxes getting low from below
Attached that he falling to the moon is where I go
I'm changing your exterior, this mentalist shit
I gotta give you credit for how you're handling this
Revolutionary raps with a beat...
Is pretty common if you like enticing what I'm bubbling
Loafer in the cup of Vegas steady flaming up
Deranging cause the music's in there touching your soul
Mightiest flow cause everything I'm spitting is gold

I got the change that you've been looking for
I got the change that you've been looking for
Change that you've been looking for
I got the change that you've been looking for

Change taking over my face
But don't judge me
Conjugating verb by the
C4 bomb point bong with the amp
I flow so dirty
Share my songs with the link
That's blunt and the sinks
That's the Buddha help me sing
And I scribble new scriptures before you could blink
I'm consistency grab me with my consistency
Flow crazy getting all this into me
But I made it, always trying to improve steady
Perfecting my crib, writing raps in class
Breath of fresh air is what they claiming I'll be
In the city with that bullet smoke is all that you see
And I'm killing every day
When I'm beginning to speak
I sit back watch my numbers peak
Smell me, uh
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Lookin' Foe Lyrics

Martin Sky – Lookin' Foe Lyrics