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Flame Lyrics

Martin Sky – Flame Lyrics

Don't smoke!
Don't smoke kids!

I'm sitting low, I'm flying high, I'm rapping good,
Shawty on me, she on that dino, she on my wood
Mary Jane, that's my lady, she love me right
She back upon me, my head falls in, I'll be out of sight
Really don't know what they fossing 'bout,
I can give the fuck if the cops around,
Young guy pulling tryin' to live,
Everybody happy come the project out
Time this that my shit, got that tattoo on my wrist
And I'm infatuated by all these samples that I flip
And I'm like these a headers these nigga,
Mentally I'm 'bout twenty A
Twisting up a fatty in the whip, wipe out flavour with the gray
Goldie on my wrist don't try it,
The niggas that will be with me, don't play
Dreads on my head I'ma shake em
To the base and the feet full of gray
Hold up tryin to find the smoking spot,
I'ma sparking out in the parking lot,
Really tryin to kill it every time that I'll b in it
'cause everybody know that the money don't stop em unless you do
Better go get that revenue
Posing till I'm six feet underneath earth
Enter it, enter in it avoid, around and I did not you

Killing the game, murder whatever he sing
Taking up every lane, spinning the heat
One day I'll may be a king
Till then I'm dropping the flame,
Nothing to lose, I'm placing my best
With a hole not to gain, I'm crossing the globe,
I'm doing these shows, so they chain on my name.
Killing the game, murder whatever he sing,
Taking up every lane,
Spinning the heat, one day I'll may be a king,
Till then I'm dropping the flame,
With nothing to lose, I'm placing my best
With a whole not to game, I'm crossing the globe,
And I'm doing this shows, so they schain my name.

Dreads on my head, I'ma shake my shit,
Base in the truck I'ma shake that bitch
Money to be made I'ma stack my G,
Spending out crack, I'ma get it they fix,
Tied out on on my bucket hat,
Clouded with my wings out,
Fly unto my destination, nigga I don't need a doubt,
I'll be .. for certain, might wanna get it on video
Fucking up the trap with the raps,
Everybody full of my lingo,
Please don't get to coffee, 'cause I'm coming for your spot,
Nigga, and I see look cope a five handle on my top nigga,
Be so right I'ma read this joint, every single line is silent,
Head thrones turn it to the mash real loud
Over raps I'ma make profit
Smoking blunt, flow another second, louder than the base and the boo,
Everybody sayin I change, but everybody feelin' that new,
Gotta go get it when I see my chance,
Opportunity be knockin',
I'ma take em everyne to them shits,
Nigga I won't be floppin'
And I'm livin' out the life I used to dream about
Now be a big deal with my new single out,

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