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Love Me After Lyrics

Mark Battles – Love Me After Lyrics

Yeah, it's been a long time
Did you miss me?
Day 2, 2016 was one of the most difficult years of my life
But it's about how you bounce back
I just wanna borrow your attention for like 45 minutes
If that's okay with you

Life is so crazy, niggas saying that they made me
What am I?
Can you tell me that? Was you in the lab? Did you help me rap?
When I ain't have shit did you sell me scraps?
Days without meals eating daily snacks
Back against the wall went through hell and back
Well goddamn I was raised to fear no man
Hell of a ride Imma steer both hands
Gotta do the things my peers won't plan
Hate in the air so they cheer so bland
And they told me, every Shaq need a Kobe
Every trap need a OG
While she claim that she love me but don't know me
I text back with emojis, the best raps is the oldies
And they still won't sleep
I just tell you how I feel on the beat
Why kids love it and they kill in the streets is we really complete
Imma build like a beast till we chillin' in Greece with a zillion a piece
Put up valleys for my daughters land for my son and a hill for my niece
Baby let's chill on the beach
Done with the chatter are you really a freak?
Never give it up on the time she meet
Give all the credit to my swag on the beat
Glad we can speak now it's back to the road
2016 that chapter is closed it had to be told
Give anything just don't ask for my soul or my half of the goal
I ain't seen real in forever, FA it still is forever
I'm just building it better,
So when the rain come I can deal with the weather,
Feelings get severed
Time to move on, new day it's a new song
My nigga keep grams like a group home
God forgive who we do wrong
Just pray they show us the unknown

Day 2, it feels good to be back
It's been like a year I know
I just had to get things right
I went through a lot in 2016,
I had to find myself again.
The journey continues

Flow trapped in a cage, got out with my passion and rage
But wait, wait can you blame the coach if you made at the plays
I was asking for days, Shine in the light throw trash in the shade
Do what you do I ain't mad at you babe
If that nigga gon' pay your bills
'Coz the hills in some fields for the thrill put that ass in his face
Don't try and judge a book by it's cover
Momma said judge a crook by it's mother
Don't know my dad but they say we look like each other, whatever
Work my whole life to be the opposite of him
Waited till my brother died tried to be my friend
Every night I pray that we never speak again
Men don't cry so I gotta keep it in
I don't like that nigga, If I see him I'm going to fight that nigga
1, 2, left, right that nigga
All the pain in my life got me aiming a [?]
This ain't for the hype I don't change on the mic
So don't take offence if I don't take your advice
Price is going up so niggas better cool it
In it for the bitches I just do it for the music
Coupe full of shooters looks so confusing
Niggas got macs I ain't talking 'bout computers
No thing just to do it
They get funny acting when the money stacking
Flyer then some buddy passes
When the fame leave will you love me after?

Day 2. It's Fly America! 3's up
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