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Courtside Lyrics

Mark Battles – Courtside Lyrics

[Mark Battles:]
Woke up today, feeling like I can't be stopped
Now my team starting to move, all these haters on my cock
All these niggas trying to plot
You think he's tough, I'm thinking not
Maybe you should look and learn
Boy you should probably watch
Bars like body shots, these beats gettin mollywhopped
All we got is chicken wings and ding-a-lings for naughty thots
Dance baby girl, let me see your dance
I'm a future superstar honey, this your only chance
I was watching from my views, feeling something is just strange
Now if you're reading this it's too late cause nothing was the same
So far gone from takin care of all these niggas
Don't try to thank me later since I kicked you out the picture
It's more life to live, it's four nights to live
Miami with my family and we courtside and shit
This how it had to be, casually causing casualties
Mad at me cause my faculty is taking over so rapidly

These niggas really wanted to see me fail, that's too bad my nigga
Shoutout my brother Tory Lanez, threes up

[Tory Lanez:]
Fuckin with this bad little bitch that never had a father
All she do is call me daddy, he don't have to bother
I finessed her with the game, I don't have to call her
You finessed with the your bands, boy you had to sprawl her
Used to whip, lock and rock
This shit all up
All this jiggas in my kitchen, tryna get the potluck (Uh)
Tits out, still stunting, bad hoes still fuckin
Pulled in, top down, backed up, still frontin
Ah man, just in, this little nigga still got it
Hit your hoe way back when she a little bitch, still thot it
Still bout it in your reel bout it
Still got an Audemar, rollie, time I can still kill, maybe its a couple seconds I can kill out it
I don't got no time for it
I ain't got no rhyme for it
I can do a whole hook on a beat, I don't even need a line for it
I don't even need a verse for it
I don't even need a verse for it
Caught me singing one time (Ahhh)
Motherfucker, that's a hearse for it
Niggas wanna make boss moves don't ever wanna work for it
I got hoes that'll work for it, I got hoes that'll twerk for it
I got hoes that'll fuck all 50 nights on a whole world tour for it
I got hoes want make moves, I got hoes that'll do things
Hit your face like Liu Kang
Bitch I'm hot like blue flames
White or red with the blue veins
Niggas talkin, ain't a new thing
I got bitches having mood swings, bout to buy them bitches mood rings
See this is serious
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