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Grounded Lyrics

Mark Battles – Grounded Lyrics

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah

I wake up this morning with some problems on my mind
And my ex stay on my line asking if I'm doing fine
Swear to God you wouldn't try if a nigga wasn't shining
And it's freeze up till they ease up
My pleasure to remind you
It was all in perfect timing we coming out the last spot
[?] and the king you seem to be your city mascot
Cash draw FA niggas got the game [?]
My hood ain't got a Kardashian
But you could get yo ass shot
That thot say she got all of my tapes on her laptop
Oh my God you twenty five with all the things my dad got
Back off where was you when me and my kids ain't have shit
Now I keep a bad chick all up on this dad dick
Feel my fury Brad Pitt
We made it happen mad quick
Them niggas doubted and I sprouted
Couple things I won't forget
Family love and unity it came together beautifully
I won't let this money ruin me
No schooling me I'm business minded
Yo yo what took so long to get behind it
But I seen late hella hoes way before I sign
Ma niggas grinding and ma mama told me to stay grounded
It's so ironic cause that's what she did when she caught me Wilding

But I'm bout it ma niggas hounding
And we want it till we make it out it
I'm smiling these losers wanna see me fail
But I won't allow it

Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah
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